Welcome to Tini’s Bed & Barkfast!

We’re the perfect place for your small furry pups to enjoy the homelike comfort, loving attention & fun play time that they need, & definitely deserve!

We believe our furry friends lives should stay
as similar to home life as possible

We know dogs love routine – and their anxiety levels reflect that. When staying with us we strive to uphold the same house rules, eating routine & sleeping arrangements that they follow at home.

* Licensed & Insured *

Located in Everett, WA

What Our Pup Parents Are Saying

Dog Heaven!

Rated 5 out of 5
October 30, 2019

Doggy Haven! After going through multiple dog daycares and dog boarding experiences, I was discouraged with the lack of personal attention and comfort offered to my fur babies. My 15 year old deaf pug can’t get around well and is very fragile and Lo & Tini go above and beyond to provide him with the care and love he needs! They also shower my puppy and older guy with love, socialization, walks, snuggles, and fun outings. I travel frequently and can do so in comfort because I never have to worry about the little ones and can rest assured knowing they’re in great hands. Being able to see fun daily photos of them enjoying their adventures is an extra special bonus!

Rachael B

Portrait of Tini with two dogs.



Hi! I’m Tini, aka Christine. After a 10 year career in digital media, and after watching family’s dogs, then friends dogs, then word-of-mouth dogs… I decided to follow life’s meandering trail.  A dog’s genuine love & energetic joy inspire so much delight in my life! I have experience with senior & special needs dogs, fostering Pugs and Frenchies, being a personal traveling puppy caretaker, and working in doggy daycares. I am a photographer as well, specializing in family & pet portraiture. If you ever want a personal photo of your pup, or with the whole fam, you know who to ask!

We care just as much about our humans too…

In everything Tini has ever done, her heart has always been to serve people, whether that be an open ear or a helping hand. Tini’s BnB is just another opportunity to do exactly that – and hanging with dogs is simply a huge bonus!

Once you choose Tini’s BnB,
you’ll be family

It is our dream that soon enough, when you pack your suitcase for a trip, there’s no stress because you both know they’re going to have fun at Cool Aunt Tini’s, too!

Safety First


• Clean fecal test within last 12 months

• Shown no signs of sickness within last 30 days.
(if you have a verified noncontagious sick doggy, give us a call)



Enjoy daily photos seeing your dog adventuring in the yard, playing with other pups, chewing on an antler, lounging in a doggy bed, & cuddling on the couch with us! We’ve got them covered, so you can rest easy.
*Price is per day.
*$40 per additional pup
*$30/half days (DO after 5pm/PU before 12pm)


Tues – Thurs
Give your dog a break from your boring work week! It’s a fun-filled day with other pups & a great way to burn off that built-up energy. They’ll return home looking forward to their evening cuddles with you! (This is great for prepping anxious dogs before boarding too.)


We clip &/or file their nails, trim the paw-fur (if needed), moisturize and massage their pads. It’s a whole-paw pampering!

Puppy Bubbly

Everyone loves a clean pup! We always use best quality, natural, pleasant smelling shampoo.
*Based on weight

Sparkling Pearls

Keep teeth healthy and clean by brushing with yummy toothpaste.


Pup Pampering galoor from head to paw! Bath, blow-out, pawdicure, & teeth brushing, spread out between playtime and treats to keep them happy and relaxed.
*Based on weight


We’re always happy to help pick up and drop off in the ol’ trusty dusty Waggin’ Wagon.
*62c per mile outside 5-mile radius

Behind the Scenes

Don’t be shy, we don’t bite ´ᴥ`


Everett, WA

In case you were wondering… For the safety of the pups in our care, as well as our own family, we only share our address with clients.